One of Africa Unite's Goals


One of Africa Unite’s goal is to build communities that are conflict free, enhance social cohesion and promote social economic development within these communities.

Hence in an attempt to build peaceful, tolerant and conducive communities, Africa Unite is embarking on a conflict mediation programme. The communities that we are working with are Nyanga, Europe Township and Philippi all in the Gugulethu District.

The programme is meant to strengthen grassroots capacities to build tolerant, inclusive communities in the Western Cape. The project also targets to engage conflict-affected communities in dialogues in order to reduce community violence and promote respect for diversity, equality and tolerance.

After attaining this, Africa Unite also seeks to develop a conflict mediation model that can be replicated in other parts of the country so as to build a stronger national sense of peace and tolerance across the communities of South Africa.

To achieve this Africa Unite involves communities directly impacted by conflicts through involving, school and church leaders, trade associations, business forums, youth groups, gang-leaders, spaza-shop owners’ SAPS, Local government and civil society organisations. These will be the key players in helping us to identify the conflicts that are terrorising our communities currently.