Africa Unite Clubs

Many schools have become a place where drugs, thugs, and weapons move freely through the school gates. Despite national efforts to restore a culture of learning and teaching, incidents of theft, vandalism, and teenage pregnancy, school drop- out, burglary, rape, gangsterism and even murder are regularly reported on school grounds. Safety and learning pride are a thing of the past for many of our schools.

In 2013 we started the Africa Unite School clubs in the following five schools in the Cape Flats:

  • Spes Bona High School (Athlone)
  • Simunye High School (Delft),
  • Pakhama High (Philippi),
  • Zonnebloem Nest Senior School (Woodstock)
  • Mountview High school (Hanover Park)

The goal of this project is to give learners the opportunity to become agents of positive change within their schools and communities. The specific objectives are:

  • To give young learners a platform to learn new skills, share experiences.
  • To raise their voices, listen to others and develop confidence and communication skills.
  • To create an atmosphere of trust and offer a safe place to talk about sensitive issues.
  • To volunteer, take initiative and have a chance to develop leadership skills at a younger age.

The AU School Clubs have 3 main themes – School, Environment and Community. They consider the school and its surrounding as a country. Each country/club is led by a president and 5 ministers that make up the cabinet together with 50 parliamentarians